Tshwane Prepaid electricity Buy Prepaid Tshwane Online

Using your Absa Account make it a more convenient option than having to go to the shops, buy your Tshwane prepaid top-up voucher and load the electricity yourself Please find details below if you bank with Absa.

Please use the details for the bank you are banking with in order to speed up the purchase process. Vouchers will only be allocated once payment has been received.

Please Note : We only accept Cell phone, ATM deposits and EFT payments. Cheque and Credit Card Payments will not be accepted.

Account name : Tshwane Prepaid PTY(Ltd)
Bank : ABSA Bank
Branch Code : 632005
Account number : 4104 060 572
Account : Current

Beneficiary Reference : Your cell number OR prepaid card number
Cell notification : 079 183 8766
Email notification : admin@tshwaneprepaid.co.za