Tshwane Prepaid electricity meter blocked?

It happens occasionally that a Tshwane prepaid electricity meter is “Blocked by Credit Control” due to arrears Rates & Water Account or the Account Payment was made after the due date.

Who do I contact if something goes wrong with my prepaid meter?

The electricity call center can be reached on the following numbers 012 358 9999 / 012 3399111.

This means that the Municipality has blocked your Tshwane prepaid electricity meter from purchasing Tshwane prepaid electricity until the Tshwane prepaid meter is unblocked and in this case an arrangement must be made for an arrears account to be paid or proof of Account payment must be provided to the Tshwane municipal Finance Department that the account has been paid and then the Tshwane prepaid electricity meter will be unblocked.

The purchase transaction can only be processed once the client confirms that the Tshwane prepaid electricity meter has been unblocked.

Once the Tshwane prepaid electricity meter is unblocked , we will continue to attempt the purchase transaction until completed. The minute the purchase transaction is successful, you will receive your token via SMS and on your email address provided to us on your registration form.

Please note that if there are outstanding fees of some sort on your pre-paid electricity meter and the amount you wanted to recharge with through us is less than the amount owed, the municipality will inform us that the” Amount tendered is less than required amount”. Please contact your municipality directly to address the issue. We can only process your pre-paid electricity transaction once your account is in the green.

Alternatively, you can do another Tshwane prepaid electricity purchase through us for a larger amount. Outstanding arrears or due account / fees will be deducted and paid towards your account as registered on the Tshwane municipal prepaid System and an Tshwane prepaid electricity token for the remainder amount will be issued and sent to you.

Tshwane Municipality has an interesting take on municipal accounts in arrears. Most municipalities block the pre-paid electricity meter and when a client then purchases pre-paid electricity through us, the transaction fails. Tshwane however does not block the pre-paid electricity meter, but accepts the payment from us and use the money towards your municipal account.

Please contact your municipality for all account problems such as arrears, due accounts and readings that is not correct.

Our tokens are generated by the municipality and the Municipality do not disclose any Account Information to us, they do request us to please ask the Client to call the Finance Department directly. Once all the account problems have been sorted out the Client will be able to purchase pre-paid electricity through us again.

Please contact Tshwane’s Finance Department on 012 – 358 9999; they should be able to assist you.

Unable to Vend pre-paid electricity ?

The following reasons might be applicable:

Please re-confirm your municipality or private metering company as well as your electricity meter number and the town that you live in. We will then verify your registration information.

  • You might have a private pre-paid electricity meter and not a municipal pre-paid electricity meter in which case we can not vend electricity to you
  • You have a new pre-paid electricity meter and the meter still needs to be registered
  • The incorrect pre-paid electricity meter number was typed in during the registration process on our website
  • You have a municipal pre-paid electricity meter of a municipality we do not service as yet