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About us

Tshwane Prepaid electricity is a great solution for many residents. Increasingly residents are getting tired of paying excess electricity bills

99.99% Uptime

We can Guarantee 99.99% Uptime as we serve our clients to the best we can. We also are open office Hours 6 Days a week. You can purchase Pre-paid anywhere anytime.

Instant Setup

Once you have registered and added us as a beneficiary on your bank account all you need to do is an electronic funds transfer and receive your token.

Online security

We do not want any billing info from you as you are compensating for your pre-paid electricity via electronic fund transfer from your personal bank account.

Saving Electricity

Here are some useful tips on how to save electricity in and around your home, This includes Kitchen tips, Lounge tips, Study tips, Swimming pools

Tshwane Tarrifs

Tshwane’s prepaid electricity tariffs have been formulated in accordance with the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act and Local Government.

Get in Touch with us

Cell: 012 358 9999
Alternative Number: 012 358 4041
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What Our Clients Say

Thank you very much for the effective service that i relieved, I can purchase my electricity anytime anywhere and i know i can count on you. Your new website is so easy to use and the new look is totally awesome! *Keep up th great work!